Apps to Watch Free HD Movies Online

There are plenty of movie streaming applications available in the digital market today. Nowadays downloading movies or watching them online is comparatively easy and simple. Movie streaming application is a new technology that enables you to download unlimited movies and videos for free. There is no doubt that these apps work on all platforms available like Android, BlackBerry, Windows phones, PC’s, Apple streaming

Applications like TubeMate, VidMate, SnapTube, Videoder, PlayBox, CinemaBox HD, Playview, SnowBox are qutie famous names. They provide you all with almost the same features with minor differences. Today, we are going to discuss the top 4 movie streaming applications available in the market. Let’s see what we have got for you :-


  1. TubeMate

TubeMate is an application that allows you to download HD quality movies with great internet speed. TubeMate is an undisputed leader in this category. It not only allows you to download movies but also enables you to share direct video links to friends and family over, social media sites like WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  

  1. SnapTube

SnapTube is a YouTube video downloader, it can help you to download movies and videos directly from YouTube,  Choose resolutions to save space of your phone, save audio without any external converter. Interested users can download SnapTube from sites like Vimeo, uptodown, apkmirror, apkpolice, 9apps, Mobango and many more.

  1.   ShowBox

ShowBox is yet another application that streams unlimited movies for its users on their devices. Some of the movie genres featured by ShowBox are; Thriller, Action, horror, comedy, romance, serious, biographies, documentaries and many more. One of the best feature of ShowBox is the ability to connect your device with your television or Laptop through ChromeCast. This allows you to watch movies with your friends and family on the big screen. For more information download showbox app.

  1. Videoder

We can say that Videoder is the best movie streaming application that is taking people by storm. It is totally free to use and simple to understand. Though its features are quite similar to other movies streaming apps, it offers you with the best downloading speed if compared to other apps.. Therefore, with Videoder you can download any number of movies anytime and anywhere. Users are especially attracted by its beautiful user interface that enables you to search for movies by its keywords.


The only disadvantage with these applications is that, they are not available on Android play store or any other app store. Thus, the only way to download them is through third party sites like uptodown, Mobango, apkmirror, apkpolice and many more as mentioned above.

All the movie downloading applications work amazingly well on almost all platforms. Therefore, according to us you all should try them once!

Install Playview for Windows PC

Playview is a popular live streaming android app. It allows you to see thousands of movies and other videos online in your mobile for free.playview app1

Since it’s so popular, people have been looking for a way to download Playview on their Windows PC. So today we have brought you a complete guide to download Playview on Windows PC-

Playview installation guide – Download Playview on Windows 7/8/10

Playview is an awesome app which allows you to play and download movies and Tv show in HD quality like 720p and 1080p. You can not only watch movies online but download it for watching them later.

Play view allows you watch videos on many different languages with or without subtitles. You can also watch latest trailers of upcoming movies and other such videos playview.

That’s why people want to download and use playview on their PC so they can enjoy their favorite tv shows. But the problem is that there is no official version of Playview app for windows PC, so we’ll gonna use an android emulator to download and run playview. Here is how to do it-

* First download any popular android emulator. We recommend to download Bluestacks android emulator ( it’s one of the most popular emulators among windows users. It’s very easy to use and takes very little space.

* Playview apk app is not currently available on Play store, so we’ll have to download it via an apk, go to the official site of Playview and download its Apk. (

* Now first install the Emulator we downloaded previously.

* Now go the apk file and right click on it. A menu will open, choose open with Bluestacks (or whichever emulator you are using). It will take some time to install the apk file.

* Once the apk is installed, open Bluestacks app and open Playview from there. You will now be able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on your windows PC using Playview.

You’ll need to create an id on Playview before you can use the app. You can create a new id using your email id. Or you can also use your Facebook id to login into Playview.

Wrap up

So now you are ready to watch all your favorite videos on your PC. Do you have any questions regarding this tutorial? Which movie are you planning to watch on Playview? Tell us all In the comments section.

Topic : 5+1 Apps you must have in your android device

With the increasing number of Android users and the over flooding Android apps in the market, one thing for sure is true that these apps have become an integral part of our life.

Be it tracking our pace while running, cooking, travelling, online bookings or shopping, there are numerous apps in the market that can help you in one way or the other. There are many apps that help us in our day today activities. Some of them are listed below:


1) Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a fitness tracking app that allows you to track your fitness activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. It tracks your progress and keeps you informed throughout the activity, that motivates you all the more. You can also share your activity status with your friends by posting in Facebook or Twitter.

2) Ola/Uber

Such apps make it easy for us to travel from one place to the other safely and without any need to bargain with the auto/cab drivers. With this app we can easily book a cab/auto depending on our need in a few clicks. Uber has also introduced a new feature to share you ride with other people and have a pocket friendly ride, indirectly reducing pollution level too. We can also pay for the fare using your Paytm wallets which is another app mentioned just below this.

3) Paytm:

A One-for-All use kind of an app which can be used for shopping, paying your electricity bills, recharging your mobile, to book bus tickets and hotels, etc. This app will always provide you some or the other benefits during your transaction. It can be in the form of cashback to your Paytm wallet or some additional discounts. For a quicker transaction you can add money to your Paytm wallet beforehand and make immediate payment of your transaction.

4) WhatsApp

An app found in almost 99.9% on the mobiles. This app allows users to send messages, share images, audios and videos with friends free of cost. Apart from basic messaging users can also create groups and send each other unlimited images, audio and video messages. WhatsApp has also introduced the call facility that allows you to make calls to your WhatsApp contacts free of cost. This acts like the ICING ON THE CAKE.

5) Google Docs:

Create, edit and share your docs with others using Google Docs. One can create a new doc or edit an already existing one without the need of internet. And the best thing about this app is that you never have to worry about your unsaved data since it saves the data automatically. Even if you close the app by mistake it gives you an option to restore your doc. Hence, you never have to worry about losing your work.

6) GarageBand – Well, I am an avid music lover so I try lot of apps that help me in creating music. The latest one I tried is, “GarageBand”. It’s a killer app that makes your life easy if you are into creating music, you’ll love it. I have even installed GarageBand on my windows os using this article about downloading garageband for windows.

So if you are missing out on any of the above and think that adding these could help you in your activities, it’s time to hit the play store and try them out.

Top 5 Gamings Apps for Android Users

Android has brought the revolution in the smart phone industry. As this proved to be widely used and preferred operating system for smartphones. The major reason for such popularity is immense and versatile range of Android apps.

Games are the major category of the Android app. Thousands and thousands of Android games get uploaded on Google Play Store. But it is not necessary that all of them would work.

For our dear users, we have listed down top 5 Android games. Download them and entertain yourself!

The Banner Saga:


Banner Saga has gained so much attention since the release due to its gorgeous art and tactical game plays. Banner Saga started journey as a famous PC game. And found its way to the smart phone through Android app. Banner Saga is a perfect dose of Viking lifestyle, mythical world and strategic game plays with an awesome story. If you  like playing tactical games, don’t miss to check Banner Saga.

Dungeon Hunter:


Dungeon hunter is a free Android game from Gameloft. It is both single and multiplayer game. With single player gameplay, you will start the game from the place you left.You adopt the role of Bounty Hunters who are trying to reunify Valenthia from the demon invasion. There are certain game plays like doing raids and attacking other players to make your pack stronger and collecting more gold.

80 Days:


This is the game based upon famous movie Around the world in 80 days. It is perfect virtual reality of the related movie. You will act as loyal companion of Phileas Fogg during his journey of the world in 80 days. The game is full of automata, mysteries and airships. You need to figure out how you finish this journey within 80 days using your finances and luggage.

World Of Tanks Blitz:


If you are combatting fanatic, then must try World of Tanks Blitz. As the name depicts, it is an action game based on tank combat. Before Android version, PC version of this game gained so  much attention. The main gameplay includes Allied and Axis tanks from World War 2.



This is one of the simplest games available on the Android platform. You just need to move the tiles to create 3’s and its multiples. You need to do it very fast otherwise your board will get filled with new tiles. If you don’t want to jam your board with 4×4, then play with faster speed,

How Good is Nexus 5?

So we came around to the topic of Nexus 5 and whether it is worth the crazy amount of money they come for. And we came across this one video that solves it all for us.

ShowBox App on PC and Mac with BlueStacks Android

Android is the most popular operating system in the world right now. Its apps have made people addicted to them. From games to entertainment to health, anything has an app somehow related. In fact, people can’t think of life without Android.


With its low cost and exclusive large range of apps, Android has the largest share in the market. Like many other apps, Showbox is top entertainment Android app. As the name shows, this app is designed for watching movies and programs. Showbox is a complete heaven for people who love watching movies and tv programs. The best part it is free of cost. Yes, you can watch movies and Tv programs in HD quality for free of cost.

Millions of people are using this application on their mobiles. It has made their lives easier. Users always ask for more. They liked the movie version so much that they want Showbox on their PC and laptops.


I am sure you know that ShowBox is an Android application. It means Android app cannot be run directly on any other operating system like Windows or Mac OS. Well, that’s the crappy part about that. But we are living in smart world with smart apps. We have a solution for this problem. Vidmate is another movie streaming app like showbox which is getting very popular these days.

With installation of another smart application on your PC, you will be able to run Showbox on your PC. I am talking about Android players here. Android emulator is an amazing software and smart one. It will help you to install any Android app on your computer. But how this makes it possible? Android emulators have the capacity to create a virtual environment on the PC. It means you get a virtual Android phone on your PC. Now, after installation you can play any app.

Before moving further have a look upon features of ShowBox:

  • It has a user friendly interface.
  • It supports HD format of video playing.
  • Showbox library has a huge collection of movies and TV programs.
  • It is completely free of cost.

So where we were? We need an Android player. There are several players in the market. BlueStacks is one of them. In this guide we will use this software.

  • Download and install BlueStacks from its official website.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • After installation, open up the BlueStacks.
  • In search bar, look for ShowBox.
  • Click on it for installation.
  • That’s it! Once done, you can find Showbox in All apps section of BlueStacks.

Download Zapya for PC – Windows 7/8/XP

Zapya is top most file sharing app. You probably have heard about this application. Zapya works exceptionally faster than Bluetooth and USB cables. Bluetooth and USB cables have become ancient tools. No one uses them. It will be like a bad dream if we have to send large files through Bluetooth. Zapya is the perfect solution. It uses WiFi technology to send files over different devices. It’s supported by all operating systems. You can have an idea about its popularity that 100 million uses this application. It works insanely faster at the rate of 10 MB per second. There are other file sharing applications in the market, but Zapya is on the top list.


Before the installation procedure. Let me explain its prime features. Well, the feature of Zapya is unlimited. It is free and self contained file transfer app that works on most devices plus the operating system. It transfers data without using any data connection on your smart phone or any internet bandwidth. Although it uses Wi-fi technology, but does not use any bandwidth.  You can share any file type like images, songs, videos, apps, PDFs or ppts without any hassle with this app. It shares the data with speed 200 faster than Bluetooth.

Group sharing is another extra feature of Zapya. Just add your friends in the group, and share your favorite videos with your mates. Multiple files can be sent simultaneously, with the help of this app.

Donwload of Zapya:

The download method is really easy for Zapya. It is free to download and use. Zapya is an Android app and cannot run directly on your PC. You need an emulator to run the app. There are many Android players in the market. But BlueStacks is the trusted one. BlueSatcks is the best performance Android players and million users use this app.

So first of all you need BlueStacks installed on your PC. Download the link from official website of BlueStacks. The installation process for Zapya is easy. Once download is complete, click on the file and follow the instructions to complete the installation of BlueStacks.

  • Now launch the BlueStacks emulator by clicking twice on the shortcut icon.
  • You will find a search option on the home page of the application.
  • The next thing to do is click on the search option to search for Zapya.
  • You will get the search results. Click on the first one with Zapya name.
  • It will take to the Google Play Store. Login with your google account credentials to proceed further.
  • Click on the install option and let the app install.
  • That’s it you are done.